Hi - I'm new. Be kind...

I have 3 smart TVs, 3 PCs, 2 iPads and a phone, all being able to play music, films and whatever off my home network - let's just say I did stuff like this for a living, and have no issue with it all.

Having moved house, and after living 5.5 years in a caravan, I now want to set up a reasonable HiFi again in my new house. I also have a lot of HiFi experience, and am not fooled by the smoke and mirrors, so loved by "HiFi nutters".

I was looking at using a Pi & DAC to get MP3 files from my DLNA server (actually a NAS with RAID5 used for all sorts), probably over WiFi. 

I am leaning towards a couple of hefty Class-D stereo power amps (they are pretty good these days), maybe Hypex-based. Owing to home topology (and spousal harmony), I'm forced to look at separate mid/tweeter units on the wall and separate subwoofers. I like live music, have a guitar & amp etc, so I like controlled power, and what most people call "HiFi" does not cut it. At all. No, I want to feel bass drum and bass guitar in my trousers, not as some ethereal thuddy noise. Hence, an amp just for the sub-woofers, which I can build myself (the speakers, not the amp, but I could do that too!)....

So, if you are with me so far, I want to know about the DSP that I could include with Pi/DAC setup.... Clearly, I need to be able to provide two feeds to two stereo amps (yes, I know that only one sub-woofer is really needed, but hey?). One feeds is a "clean" unfiltered signal, or say 100Hz to 15KHz (that'd be to the wall-mount speakers), and 20-100Hz to the woofers on the floor - possibly with 12 or 15" speakers. It will need reasonable phase coherency, meaning no suck-outs near the crossover points. It would be nice to have a means to flatten overall frequency response, by multiple filters, and have a means to automate this equalization process.....

So the first question is, how do I use a Pi, a HiFiBerry DAC, and possibly a DSP to provide what is essentially an active crossover into 4 (basically) mono power amps? Is it better or even possible to use two stereo DACs on the Pi and do passive filtering, post-power amp at the speakers?

Any thoughts?



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