Volume normalizing

I'm having a volume issue and not sure which component is causing it. I just upgraded from DAC+ to DIGI+ Pro using Pi3 and Volumio2. For DAC I am using Denon 800NE coax input. When I had hifiberry DAC+ I was just using AUX input on the Denon.

The issue is that ever since I switched to DIGI+ the volume is at 100% on Volumio. Denon, even though is only 50 watt per channel and driving 120W 8ohm B&W speakers, I cannot make the volume higher than 1/4 of the knob turn. It would probably blow out the speakers (very very loud).

I could switch volumio to software volume I guess but I was reading that it is not recommended(???).

Is there any "good" way to normalize the volume?

P.S. I am using Spotify for music.


Thanks everyone.


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