Channel mapping from Parametric Equalizer to Beocreate outputs


I've just received my Beocreate 4 and would like to use it (among other things) to design a digital crossover for my DIY two-way speaker. So if this is a very basic question please forgive me, but I couldn't find this in the documentation:

As a start, I would like to use the Parametric Equalizer in HifiberryOS to buld a simple XO. I understand that channels 0 and 1 are the two (30W) tweeter outs, and channels 16 and 17 the (60W) woofers. But how do they map to the A/B/C/D channels in the Parametric Equalizer? Is it

A => 0

B => 1

C => 16

D => 17?


Thanks for your support!

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