USB2I2S on DAC+Pro not recognized on Windows


today, I received the DAC+ XLR with the case for a raspberry 3 so I put the DAC+pro on the I2S. I have already bought a plastic case which didnt fit on the raspberry 3b+ then, which is somewhat a turnoff but I didn't complain.

This time, it doesn't fit, again. Only this time, its 26,90 € and this is not ok. It would all be not as bad if the intended function was noticable, after all, form follows function.

I immediately noticed, the jumper on the I2S board was too high, so I isolated the downside of the XLR connector to not short it. When I plugged the device I was happy to see the green light on the board and waited for the initialization from windows. But this didnt happen.

I am running windows 10 20H2 with latest updates.

The I2S has worked on a DAC+ with RCA/Cinch connectors, using windows 10 version 1903 (same hardware as it is now, just thought I'd tell).

Would you be so kind and elaborate whether I have a chance to at least use the product for intended propose, XLR outs on my PC via the I2S with a DAC+Pro, and not spend this money to no extend?

I would love to know what your experiences are, whether you have reports of this combination working and whether you have a solution for it. USBdeview isnt showing anything about the device which is really odd.

What would I need to do on a linux distro if you still have no interest in debugging this device in windows? I suppose debian standard is fine ? Please elaborate on the steps you need me to do to provide more info on the case in case that helps.

Please help me out here.

Thanks in advance


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