Pi4b + DAC+ Pro XLR mild distortion / clipping?


Fairly new to the raspberry pi stuff, but not computers or audio in general (got a couple of zeroes running pihole, homebridge, etc., I'm a software dev + make music on the side with API500 racks -> MOTU Ultralite AVB -> Yamaha HS5 active monitors).

I get mild distortion unfortunately (it's housed in the dedicated steel case you make), when I connect it directly to the monitors instead of my MOTU.

Not happening at the monitor stage, as the MOTU has zero distortion at higher levels.

Not the cabling, again, the MOTU runs longer lengths of cable without issue.

I kind of feel like it's not necessarily an amplitude thing, as I'm sure I can hear the fuzz on quieter parts sometimes (it kind of sounds like tape distortion in the mid-range freqs).

As far as I know I've got everything set up correctly. I followed the guide without any trouble.

I'm using it as an airplay reciever using shairport.

I tried reducing the Digital output in amixer, but it didn't clear up before it became inaudible unfortunately.

On a plus note, I quite like the imaging.

Any thoughts?

I'm using the rasbian full install from the rpi imager and using it headless. I'm using the official power supply.

If it's not an internal signal path thing, I'm wondering if it's a shielding issue? I'm currently running it over wifi as I need to buy a longer network cable before I can run it the nearest network switch.

All help appreciated.



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