audio recording not working


I just bought an dacplusadc and wanted to record some sound. sadly that doesnt work for me.

my setup:

- hifiberryos (newest update)
- changed dtoverlay to hifiberry-dacplusadc
- command: arecord -c 2 -r 96000 -f S32_LE sample.wav
( i tested some other sampling rates and 24bit aswell)
- playing audio via gui works fine 
- 2x chinch is used for audio output
- 3,5mm jack is used for input (hifiberry board, not raspberry)
- when i use the arecord command the red flash starts glowing till i stop)

what else can i do?

if you need some more debug information just tell me. but the other settings should be default, since i just made a fresh install with hifiberryos.




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