Struggle with DAC HD2 + DSP



I got the DAC+DSP and the DAC HD2 + DSP Add on. The DAC+DSP I got running without problem for the DAC HD2 + DSP I struggle hardly. I got a few questions maybe someone con help me.


1. Can I use the same programming files for both DSP processors?

Due the fact there are slightly different (Adau1451 and Adau1452).


2. How is the Volume on DAC HD2 controlled?

Is therefore a need of install some triggers or potentiometer?.

With the DAC+DSP it’s doable from the streaming device.


3. If I got 2 Raspberry’s is it possible to set one as a Master and the second as a mirroring Slave?

my target is to build two active speaker as stereo setup without crossing wires.


All the best Paul

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