Optical input with Amp 100 and DSP not working -> Optical in not active


When I plug my ADC to the AMP 100 via Optical Input, And I play music via the ADC, then I expect to hear the music on my speakers via the AMP 100.


When I play music via the ADC, I don't hear the music on the speakers, and on the web interface, the Optical input remains labeled as "not active".


- Raspberry Pi 4 with DSP and Amp 100
- Hifiberryos (last release, mid-december I think)
- ADC, cables and setup tested and it's working, I can tell that the optical input on the Amp 100 is the issue
- Optical in volume limit set to 0db
- I followed the steps here to show the optical in in sources, then activated it. But when I play music, it always remain "not active"

What I tried:

- Tested first with DSP v.11 -> Optical in not active
- Then with DSP v.10 -> Optical in not active
- Then with DSP v.12 (following those instructions) -> Optical in not active
- After a while, I lost patience, so I turned on Spotifiy to listen to music while I would write this post, but I only heard white noise (still with V.12). -Then I came back to V.11 and I also had the white noise. So I tried to reinstall hifiberryOS (I just downloaded the last version, and Wifi SSID for wifi installation is not showing up, but this is another issue).



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