Install LIRC on HifiBerryOS

First of all, HifiBerryOS is great, almost perfect, system for music listening. I like the clear and minimal design as well as the simplicity of the system. This is exactly what I have been looking for, it also has a high WAF factor. ;-)

Nevertheless as we all like to fiddle around with some technic stuff i would like to add some (already existing) IR Remote for simple actions like Pause, Vol+, Vol-, Skipping Songs and so on. As i play mostly songs from local storage on the Rpi4 should be no problem. Plan is to use a TSOP4838 as receiver. Im aware of which GPIOs i could use. But what i am struggling with, is the installation of LIRC on HifiBerryOS. Is it in general possible?

I knew i could use the official HB remote or maybe add an Arduino which acts as a keyboard.

Rpi4 2GB
HifiBerryOS latest


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