RL 6000 stereo - buying list and advice

I am in the process of planning and buying pieces for a project with upcyckling a pair of Beovox RL 6000 speakers. 

Apart from the speakers, I am planning to buy the following list, for which I would like a little advice and comments:

2 pcs. Beocreate 4 amplifiers
1 pcs. Raspberry PI - but which type?
1 pcs. SD 32 Gb SD card + reader
2 pcs. 3D printed mounting parts for Beocreate 4
2 pcs. powersupply - but which type?
1 pcs. 4X 12mm nylon spacer + screw (M2.5)

1) Which Raspberry PI should I buy for the project? I have read that many recommend 3B because it does not generate so much heat, but it is apparently not for sale on HIFIberry - does the recommendation go in another direction here late 2020?

2) Regarding powersupply, which one is better of the two, Meanwell GS60A18-P1J (60W) or HIFIBerry 20V/80W power supply?
I am planning integrating the PSU in the speaker - are there alternatives which are more suitable for built-in? 

3) I would like to set up the speakers in stereo, and have read threads about doing this. These threads were mainly from 2018, and I understood from them, that there was more than one way of doing this. It was my impression though, that the most right and stable way to do this, was to go with a master speaker with a PI+Beocreate, and a slave speaker with a Beocreate - and a signal cable between the two. Could someone kindly help me on how this exactly is done, and which boards/cables etc. that I would need to buy to make the stereo work, and how to connect it?

Best regards, Jens



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