Stacking Hats - Perma-proto hat with or without eeprom?


I want to use the GPIO pins not used by the HifiBerry Dac2 HD. However, I don't want to break the warranty by soldering stacking pins onto the Dac 2 HD. I need access to the pins to connect an LCD and two rotary knobs. I am using a Raspberry Pi 4 - 8gb.

I am hoping to use an Adafruit Perma-proto hat and solder the extension pins there. I will then stack the Hifiberry DAC on top of this, and use the breakout GPIO pins provided by the Adafruit perma-proto.

There are two versions of this product - one with eeprom and one without. What would be the best option to pick from? I have read the eeprom doesn't really matter for the hifiberry DACs but if it makes configuration easier, should I get the one with eeprom?

Here is a link to the adafruit part with no eeprom chip: (https://www.adafruit.com/product/2310

Here is a link to the adafruit part with eeprom chip: https://www.adafruit.com/product/2314

Sorry if this is a basic question, I am new to this!





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