Two HiFiBerry DACs on one network?

I have two HiFiBerry DACs running on my network, which I use for multiroom audio via Roon. This works fine, but I have a problem. I would like to be able to power off the RPi boards when I am not using them, e.g. when I am not at home. I can do this via ssh with the first DAC installed (a DAC+) but when I try to connect to the second unit (a DAC2HD) I get the message "Connection reset by 192.168.1.xxx port 22". I also cannot get to the second DAC via HiFiBerryOS to power it down, as presumably there can only be one "hifiberry.local" on the network. (But powering down from HiFiBerryOS does not seem to be working at the moment anyway.) I would also like to be able to use a USB-C switch to cut the power connection fully, but I see that this is no longer available from yourselves (although it is still available from the Pi Hut). How do I safely power down my HiFiBerry DACs?


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