Suggestions for multiple input setup


I am trying to get an idea what kind HATS / hw I need to support my setup. I have TV (analog / optical out), Playstation 4 (with optical out) and 2 active speakers (prefer xlr / balanced connections). Also I would like to listen to Spotify (via spotify connect) though the same speakers.

So what I have understood is that you don't have board that supports all this by default (didn't find a board with multiple inputs). So I was thinking that if I would get DAC+ DSP it would have optical input and would be able to provide analog signal to my active speakers with volume control (there is remote controller as well to hifiberry). And then also I need some other way to change the audio inputs between ps4, TV and Spotify (Raspberry internal audio). I assume that I can use optical splitters for this or some other way to choose the input or would it be better to use analog signal for TV input?

Would there be better or more suitable configurations / setups for me you would recommend?


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