General user experience feedback

Hi, I'm a new user and would like to share my initial impressions on the UI, perhaps to hopefully help the contributors out with making the system even better. There are a lot of positive things such as the whole dark theme, modern UI elements, excellent stability and predictability ++, but I will focus on the things that I think could use improvement. This is written in the perspective of using it as a mobile app on an iPhone XS.

  • The Hifiberry logo is too big, because it makes the user need to scroll to see all six menu items. The footer is too far from the bottom element. It should be able to fit without scrolling.
  • When scrolling down, the header says 'Beocreate Core', it might be intentional, but if the non-BO products are supposed to remove all references it might be of interest.


  • Some sources are purely for configuration (input an IP, turn on/off) while some are UI elements which the users. 
  • Suggest that Music and Radio be able to launch from the Main Menu, and that the Sources menu be limited to config
  • After enabling/disabling sources, the webapp had to be force-closed and reloaded in order to update. 
  • Trying to re-arrange sources, the UI elements move but when dropped, they return to their original position


  • It's really good


  • Diagnostic information could be shown directly under System tools, since there is only one element there. Or flesh it out with more stuff.
  • Remote Login might be more logical to place in System Tools. It is a service, but it's an internal system service. 

The Music Player Daemon server connection tool could be more user friendly.

  • It's kind of like a Source, should it be under Sources? It was kind of hard to find.
  • I had to put in an IP address, but could you also use hostname?
  • When entering IP address, could it automatically add decimal after entering three digits?
  • It should indicate whether the host exists before asking for username/pass.
  • I am asked to enter username and password, should be allowed to try without any auth also.
  • Can't select multiple folders, have to go through the whole ordeal again for each folder to add.
  • Feature request: more insight on library scan status, total no of items in library, number of skipped folders. It was hard for me to understand if it was still working or not
  • It looks like it has a problem parsing special characters. I had a folder that started with µ and one that had a $ in it's name. After I removed them, it started parsing the folder. 


  • It should indicate connection status after input of IP, gives no return

Functionality-wise it worked right out of the box

In general, the different sources had me googling a lot to figure out what they were and how to use them. Maybe some basic info could be provided when clicking on the source. Such as under DLNA, that the user needs to use a third party controller in order to stream the audio from the server to the client. I'm sure most users have some things on that list that they are unfamiliar with, but would like to explore the possibilities of.

Music UI

The album art fetcher is a bit too strict, for example I have "Random Access Memories (Édition Studio Masters).

Wish it could give context on the album, at least which format and bitrate the tracks are. 

Need to force close the app in order to fetch latest library update

Hard to see if the library has been recently updated or not (has my additions or removals been successful?)


Not sure if the root cause of the problem is the radio plugin, but after playing radio and switching to Music source, the Radio metadata sticks, and the buttons are inoperable. Volume still works.

PC UI feedback:

The back button is far away from the interaction area (the middle frame). It would be great to use backspace to go back if possible. For mobile it would be great to use swipe to go back, not sure if that is possible. 




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