[Bug] Bluetooth source remains visible after disconnect in HifiberryOS web interface

HifiBerryOS v.20201213

After having my phone connected via Bluetooth successfully, I disabled bluetooth on the phone. After enabling bluetooth again, the phone shows no connection to the Hifiberry anymore and plays sound through its own speaker as expected. But in the web admin of the HifiBerry AMP2, under Sources it still says it's connected to the phone via Bluetooth. The player bar at the bottom of the screen says the same.

I can now connect another device like my laptop via Bluetooth, or simply start playing a music file from my USB library via MPD but the player at the bottom and the sources list will still insist on the phone being connected.

I cannot start/stop/forward/reverse the playback that is going on from the bottom player bar. Only the volume level can be controlled.

The most funny thing is: I can now no longer connect the phone via Bluetooth from the "know devices" list again. It just does not accept connection... Only when I make the phone "forget" the Hifiberry AMP2 device and then set up a new connection again. But... even though it now says connected on both devices, no sound from the phone!

Can anyone reproduce these weird issues?


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