Noise interval and flashing LED on Analog Input (DAC+ADC Pro + AAmp60)

Hello, I posted this on the OS github page, but as I just realized that also D2 is flashing (see description), this is probably more of a hardware issue. Faulty card?

Describe the bug
A very loud, scratch-like noise is being output when the Analog Input is enabled, but not active/playing. The noise is not continuous, but goes on for ~1 second, then off for ~1 second, and so on. It is so loud that it's audible even when Volume is all the way down at zero. Edit to add: LED D2 flashes in same interval as noise.

HiFiBerryOS version

HiFiBerry sound card

  1. DAC+ ADC Pro
  2. Amp60

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Analog Input disabled. It doesn't matter if anything is connected to the input.
  2. Select and play Source other than the Analog Input. It doesn't matter if sound is playing, as long as the Source is shown in Now Playing.
  3. Go to Sources, enable Analog Input. Noise immediately starts, over sound from current Source or just by itself.
  4. Go to Now Playing, and Stop/Pause current source.
  5. Now Playing switches to Analog Input and the noise stops.

(Setting "Start when Signal detected" makes no difference to this.)

Expected behavior
No scary noise by simply having Analog Input enabled.


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