Dac+Dsp profiles and SPDIF input

Happy New Year !

Since the last HBOS version, I'm fighting with DSP profiles, sound quality and SPDIF input for TV Sound. (PI4, DAC+DSP hat, Analog output to old marantz ampli)

- Version 12 is working well, SPDIF is active when TV is ON, but music 'DLNA' sounds metallic and flat.
- Version 11 has a great sound, but SPDIF input is never going active.

So, I tried to make my own profile from v11 and replacing some SPDIF data by v12 ones:

<metadata type="enableSPDIFTransmitterRegister">4749</metadata>
<metadata type="sensitivitySPDIFRegister">51</metadata>
<metadata type="enableSPDIFRegister" storable="yes">4752</metadata>
<metadata type="readSPDIFOnRegister">54</metadata>

But SPDIF remains inactive :-(

Any idea ? Or alternative profile ?



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