HiFiBerry OS wishlist

I thought I would give my list of presents -- hopefully I get them by *next* Christmas...

• some sort of update progress bar or status line during library processing... i did not know if my Rpi had gone on holiday as it just became very quiet and unresponsive while processing the collection.

• genre selection - my collection-about 2000 albums-is big enough that it needs some organisation, and it is very diverse.  Currently,  Beastie Boys To the Five Boroughs sits adjacent to Beaux Arts Trio Schubert: Complete Trios.  This is disconcerting.

• tagging and tag selection

• file/folder access  -- for management purposes it is useful!  it would also be nice eventually to have a music upload capability, i.e. using the HiFiBerryOS web interface to add an album to a connected USB hard drive.

• listing options (e.g. line by line display) in order to be able to see larger numbers of files and some detail 

• ext4 file system seems to require r/w access to hard drive at least 775 but I actually used 777  Why not give a way to divide permissions for music file storage from those for catalog data (for security).  777 just feels wrong on so many levels.  Perhaps I misunderstood something here.

• artist and album thumbnails - no .obvious way to provide these easily within the web interface.  In Ampache and many other systems you can click on a small configure button (cogwheel) in the broken image  and supply a link or file.  This would be useful for some of the obscure titles in my collection for whom no online metadata is available.

• the ‘back’ button in the web interface is subtle.  I always click the browser back button which is not the right thing.  Any chance to get a working browser back button? (I have done this previously with index.php?section=xx technique and javascript processing of the arguments)    If these cannot be linked and I suppose they cannot without considerable work, then I think the back button could be a little more pronounced in appearance.

• The interface is very nice in many ways - I love the clean organisation - but there are still many things that appear that are irrelevant to me, personally, or need not have such prominence.  Example - there is a large list of sources that I don't use...I just want radio and music there, but I can't see how to make the others vanish.  I had never heard of Roon and after looking at it I don't think I will ever need it.  But Roon is prominently embedded in the Sources.  Why not Musiccast?  If you add more of these integrations the list will become very long.  How about being able to select which are displayed.

Also I set up the network  - both wifi and wired - but do I need to see it after that?  It could be buried a little deeper - say in System Tools under General.  That would make more sense to the average user I suppose.  The Interactions--even though I want to use them--are also a little "geeky" for their prominent placement..maybe they could also be in "General".  And maybe better than "General" as a title for that section  is "Management" or "Configuration" or "System".  

I appreciate that these are mostly just aesthetic decisions.

Ignore anything you don't like.  I am eternally grateful for being saved from endless apt-gets.

Happy Christmas and Merry 2021!





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