HiFiBerryOS Amp2 and Display problems


I read some posts having issues with power but I can't figure out what is the problem with my setup.

I have RPI 3B+, HiFiBerryOS 20201202, Amp2, Mean Well GST60A18-P1J  power adaptor. I'm using my phone to navigate HiFiBerryOS and  play radio/music. It works fine. Today I connect official 7 inch display which causes some issues:

1. when I moving volume slider on display, slider follows my finger but when I remove finger from display, volume slider goes back to previous position (I can not change volume).

2. Navigation through menu is slow, sometimes doesn't work (for example: when selecting Sources \ Radio and trying to go back, nothing happened) or takes some time.

3. When selecting radio station, going to  prev/next navigation sometimes doesn't work or takes some time, to show navigation page. Going back is worse.

4. When selecting radio station from first row I have to wait some time, to start playing. Selecting radio station from second row doesn't play selected station at all.

All scenarios works fine when I navigate HiFiBerryOS with my phone.

I also removed Amp2 and test the same scenarios but with no luck. The same results with 5V adapter.

Can someone help me?




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