HiFiBerry OS Spotify Connect


I was given a premium account (Duo) on Spotify earlier this week. I wanted to connect to Spotify Connect on my HiFiBerry AMP2 but couldn't.

I am on the same WiFi (wasn't sure if being on cable but in the same network would make a difference) and have Spotify active. Version HiFiBerryOS is 20201213.

My equaliser is off.

I can see the spotify connect option in my Spotify Windows application (or via the Spotify Android app), when I select my HiFiBerry, it tries to connect but then stops and keeps on playing on my device (laptop/cell phone respectively).

I checked the spotify config file under /etc but that was empty (which I though is strange but hey who am I to judge...)

So the question is: how can I connect to the HiFiBerry from within Spotify app


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