A minor problem and a question regarding interactions

I have recently downloaded and installed HiFiBerryOS 20201213 onto my Raspberry Pi 4 (with DAC2 HD and DSP Module).  Previously I had played around with Volumio and Rune Audio, but am so far loving the simplicity of HiFiBerry OS.


First the problem.... I connected an external USB drive and can access and play all of my music.  The issue seems to be that I cannot move to the next track or to the previous track using the forward and back buttons.  Play/pause seems to work ok.

I was also playing around with interactions and can send a serial message from my Arduino connected via USB to the Pi and am able to play/pause the track that is currently playing. What I can't seem to get to work is to change the listening mode by sending the text strings "Optimal", "Clear", "Dark" or "Podcast". Am I doing something fundamentally wrong?  Note, I also tried track forward and back using interactions but these didn't work either.

If it's possible I'd also like to be able to send the current track title and artist data to the Arduino using the interactions function.

Many thanks for your help in advance, and keep up the great work.

Best regards,



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