HiFiberryOS and start radio after boot, possible?

Today I installed HiFiBerryOS for the first time, what a great first impression! The whole installation proces and the UI is just great.

I also tried Volumio, RuneAudio, Pi MusicBox, moOde, but HiFiBerryOS was the best first impression until now. I am using version 20201213 btw.

I am replacing my very old receiver/amp with a Google AudioCast for a Fosi Audio BT20A Amp and a Raspberry Pi and a HiFiBerry HAT. Real room saver :)

We are listening to the radio sometimes, just turn the receiver on and the radio starts playing. I want a similar experience with the Pi.

Is this possible with HiFiBerryOS? I looked at Interactions, its possible to do something after startup, but the option to start a radio  is not possible.

Is this on the roadmap perhaps?


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