Digi+ I/O with Libreelec/Kodi - toslink in use for TV sound

Hi All

Newbie here - go easy please :)

I want to configure a Pi as an audio streamer - I have a Digi I/O which, with LibreElec/Kodi gets me most of the way there.  I feed my DAC from the SPDIF output on the Digi I/O.

All that is missing is being able to feed audio via Toslink from my TV to the Digi I/O's input, and for it to automatically pass this through to the SPDIF out...but only when the Pi's HDMI port on the TV is not active (ie; if I'm watching cable TV or the Xbox, I want the Pi/Digi+ I/O to simply pass toslink in from TV to the SPDIF out to my DAC).

Does anyone know if this is possible?  I suspect LibreElec/Kodi is too simplistic for my needs - I could go back to OSMC/Kodi, but still do not really know how I would go about configuring this.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Many thanks, Richard


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