Roon + studio monitors

Hi All

I'm very new to music streaming, Roon and Tidal, but enjoying the experience.  I have zero experience of RPI or similar, but feel that perhaps HIFIBerry might be able to help me.

My use case is this.  I have a pair of studio monitors (KRK Rokit RP7s).  The have built-in amplifiers. I'd like to stream music to them from Roon.  I'd be quite happy to use an out-of-the-box solution.  It seems the Chromecast audio might have been a good solution until it was discontinued.

I'd like a device that (i) Roon can stream to and (ii) will output music at a line level to my RP7s.  It will ideally have XLR outputs and perhaps a 3.5mm jack output in case I want to use it for something else later.  It can be wi-fi, but I think I'd rather it was ethernet.  My music is all CD quality or better, so I'd like the device to be able to maintain decent quality as far as possible.


I have no idea what hardware / software is required.  On that basis, might HiFiberry be beyond my ability?  If not, would someone kind be able to share exactly what hardware / software I need to buy, and point me in the direction of a guide to put it all together?


Thanks in anticipation,




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