beocreate bricked if unplugged !?


I'm building a new system with a beocreate board.

at first run everything worked very smoothy : I got sound, ethernet, wifi, remote control... everything worked. I did reboot it a few times using the GUI and everything worked again.

then I pulled out the power plug. 
when I try to power it on again, I was unable to reach the board either by ethernet or wifi. the monitor hooked on the Pi got stuck on the hifiberryos logo.

scanning my LAN I could see the Pi having 2 IP addresses (ethernet and wifi) with port 22 open, but not port 80.

I tried to unplug - plug it again : no sound, monitor stuck on the hifiberry logo, and lost of the wifi IP on my LAN scan.

I tried to unplug - plug it one more time: no IP on the LAN scan. On the monitor I just got some typical linux boot messages rapidly ending with:

---[ end Kernel Panic - not syncing: Attemped to kill init! exitcode=0x00007f00 ]---


here is my setup:

  • beocreate
  • raspberry pi4 2GB
  • hifiberry 180W power supply 
  • hifiberry OS
  • hifiberry remote
  • two speakers connected on the 30W outputs
  • mute jumper removed
  • monitor on the hdmi output
  • ethernet wired to my LAN
  • hifiberry remote dongle on the pi USB2 port.


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