Beovox Penta with Beocreate

Good morning everyone. Firstly, I’ve just completed, and I’m currently listening to, a pair of Beovox RL 6000 with a Beocreate 4 channel board in each one and I have to say that I’m astounded by how great the sound is! Low end is good, midrange appears and disappears as required and the treble, well let’s just say if you shut your eyes listening to Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground you would think he was in the same room as you! I’m actually blown away by the output. Would a Beocreate board be enough to power a Beovox Penta? I’m conscious that there are quite a number of drivers in each tower. Also, I’m aware that there wouldn’t be a preset set as such but is it a possibility that the 2x60W and one 30W channel would be enough? Thanks in advance and please keep up the excellent work! Mark

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