Digi+ and AndroidTV...

So, I purchased a Raspberry Pi 4 with hopes of streaming Amazon Music's Ultra HD albums. This build is available for Android TV, and I really like the user-friendly format. I found Lineage OS17.1 online and installed it on my Pi. 
Works wonderfully,.
The great news about this build of Android TV is how the Audio Device already has an option for the Digi DAC as an audio device. There are also overlays for all the Hifi-Berry HATs. 
Today my Digi+ arrived. I installed it on top of the Pi4, and added the needed info to the Config,txt file. 
The result: Nothing. No sound via Spdif. Can't even select the Digi+ on the Rasberry Pi options.
Do you have any ideas how to change the device properties to awaken the Digi+? 
I recognize this is something likely not supported, but I was wondering if anyone had ideas or potential code.  


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