4 speaker pairs

I'm looking for advice on whether I can use my Amp2

I have:

  • Raspberry Pi 3B
  • HiFiBerry Amp2
  • Music on a NAS
  • 4 pairs of in-wall 8 Ohm speakers (JBL SP6 and SP6C)
  • In-wall volume control for each speaker pair.
  • Speaker wires all come to one common point.

At present, I'm using a plain Raspberry 2 and HiFiBerry DAC+, with outputs to a spare audio receiver, thence to a speaker selector and then the speakers. I'd like to get rid of the bulky receiver, and wondering whether I could use the Pi3B and Amp2 in place of the P2, DAC+, and receiver. The outputs would still go to the speaker selector and then speakers.

If it matters, I tend to listen to music at no more than medium volume (more usually fairly quiet). It's fine with me if all speakers play the same thing (as they do now).

If the Amp2 won't work and there are alternative suggestions for a compact, energy efficient, affordable solution, I'd be interested.


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