HifiberryOS volume control

I don't understand the volume control slider of HifiberryOS.  

If you slide it to 50%  then the volume bar goes from 50 to 100.  

If you slide it to 40% then the volume bar goes from 40 to 100 and is more sensitive.

The problem Im facing is that the output of the HAT board (2Volt) is to high for the input of my amplifier (110mV).  Making it to sensitive to control volume on the amplifier (I can go max to 9 Oclock).  

Why Not limiting the output signal from the setting aswell.  (there is a setting for the input signal)

This way the signal is less sensitive for the amplifier volume control.

It make more sense for me to have the 0 to 50% range then the 50% to 100%.  If the max setting is 50% (=1V)  the signal is better usable for the amplifier input and remote.  


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