amp 2 boom box project

Hi Folks, 

I rescued an old boom box from the bin and the plan is to mount a pi 4 2Gb/amp 2 inside, replace the cassette deck with a touch screen, power from Mean Well GST60A18, slowly wire up all the buttons/leds etc and replace the internal speakers.

I have a 3d printer so will design and print all the facias for mounting etc. 

What speakers would you recommend for the environment in the first instance I was going to get some cheap car speakers in the first instance eg JVC CS-J510X. Should I be looking at something a bit different shielded etc?

- Raspberry Pi 4
- HiFiBerry Amp2 
- 4" Capacitive Touch Screen 
- amp2
- Mean Well GST60A18,
- Volumio distrib



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