How to solve problem of DAC2HD?

Recently I bought DAC2HD. But there is No sound on hifiberryOS and Volumio.
I tested in RPI4 and 3B with DAC2HD and DAC+. DAC+ worked well.
Tested hifiberryOS version is 20201202 and Volumio version is 2.853.

In hiffberryOS, DAC2HD is shown as DAC+ Zero/Light/MiniAMP.
(DAC+ is shown as DAC+ Pro).
In Volumio, Audio Output is HFIBerry DAC2 HD (IS2DAC on). but Error Failed to open "alsa" : Failed to open ALSA device "hw:2.0" is shown.

How can I solve this problem? I also checked hifiberryOS from 20200805 to 20201202.



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