HIFIBERRY DAC2 PRO + moode + sennheiser hd600

My DAC2 Pro arrived yesterday and it works really welll with moode audio and drives my sennheiser hd600 with ease - sounds really greatusing Rp4

Two minor comments/issues

The standard set up for moode was set as software volume control but there was a constant low level buzz that was not effected by change g the volume setting

The buzz disappeared after switching to hardware volume but the overall responsiveness to changes from the software I use as control point (bubble Upnp) has lessened but not to a point where it is not possible to use - just slow to react

Secondly when I change over headphones - I have to force a reboot otherwise nothing plays

Might try volumio as alternative and will do a fuller comparison with my other dac at some point

Many thanks for a great product



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