Hifiberry on wtware

Dear All,

I got a couple of well working raspberrys (v4) with hifiberry HATs, except for one (hifiberry digi+) which has got wtware installed on it, which is an RDP-installation for raspberry, turning it into a thin client.
Usually it works adding dtoverlay=hifiberry-digi to config.txt, but here not. I then inspected the overlays folder of wtware, and noticed that there are just 4-5 files. Hence I added hifiberry-digi.dtbo to the folder that I got from one of the other raspberrys (same model) but still the device is not showing up.

I tried both with and without disabling the eeprom - wtware is based on v5.4 of Linux, so that could have had an impact, and I also tried putting the modifications to config.txt both on top of it and at the bottom if it.

Does anybody have an idea about what else needs to be done here?

Thanks in advance!

PS: I´ve swapped the sdcard recently in this pi to one with raspbian on it, just to see if the hifiberry somehow got defect, but it´s still working well.


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