Amp+ / Amp2 with board mount AC/DC converter

Hello ! 

I'm working on an embeded system using a Raspberry Pi Zero and an Amp+ that will be powered via a board mount AC/DC converter on a pcb.
The speaker I'm using is a 8 Ohm exciter with 25W max power.

My choices for the AC/DC converter are pretty limited since it must be quite small and I would like to be sure my choice will neither damage the Amp nor prevent it for functionning well enough.

The AC/DC converter I'm planning to use gives 12V and 2.1 A, do you think it would be ok ? 

(it's this one)

For my tests with the Amp+ I have used a 12V 1 A power supply for quite a long time and everything was fine so far so I assume the AC/DC converter would be fine too but I'm not 100% sure about that.


Also, I plan on using Amp2s for this project in the future, do you think this AC/DC converter will still fit for this model ? 


I hope my question is not a duplicate, I couldn't find the answers I need after reading other posts on the topic of power supplies!





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