DAC + ADC not recognised by hifiberry os??


I've got a house full of RPi running AMP2's and ceiling speakers. Decided to do a retrofit into a Decca decola radiogram case I got off Ebay, idea being to use my Thorens turntable that is sitting in a cupboard. Which got me buying a DAC + ADC and an AAMP60. 


Have been sanding and cleaning the furniture side up until now, but today I stuck the DAC and amp together on a Pi3 (removed Amp2 from the Pi, tested working well). The new stuff is wired to a repurposed PC PSU which supplies plenty of 12V juice. I have booted up connected to a touchscreen and all seemed well. Immediately seen as a Spotify connect player and I ran a few tunes through from my phone.

I then started looking at how the input side was going to work, I'll have a switched 12v feed to my preamp, so there shouldn't be any unwanted inputs until turned on. However I noticed that there is no input in the list of sources. Do I need something connected for it to be seen by the OS? I was going to try plugging my phone in but the cable I have won't physically fit into the socket of my rugged phone, so gave up in frustration!


OS says the card is a DAC +/AMP2 sound card ID 0


Ssh in and have found this


# arecord -l

**** List of CAPTURE Hardware Devices ****



suggesting it isn't a capture card at all. How do I ID it? 


Any ideas??





I've Ssh'd in and see 



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