HiFiBerry OS on Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Amp2


I'm mostly writing to say thanks a lot for the great distro. I installed HiFiBerry OS yesterday and it worked within minutes. I'm using Bluetooth and Spotify sources, which both work great (and I love that we get AAC codec for Bluetooth by default). Also love the ability to set a volume limit (Amp2 has quite a bit of power and I accidentally overused it more than once in the past).

My Pi is connected via Ethernet, so I have disabled WiFi. I also disabled the HDMI output (iirc I read somewhere that this should save some power).

One thing I didn't get to work is DLNA with pulseaudio-dlna from a Linux PC, but that might also be a problem on the PC side; I didn't get that to work with other distros either.

Some small suggestions:

- from security perspective, it might be preferable to disable Bluetooth pairing after 2 minutes as default setting

- I was initially slightly confused that the WebUI brings me back to a previously selected subpage (e.g. go to Sound → Equaliser; Sources; Sound ⇒ Equaliser still open); admittedly not very important and also debatable

Overall very happy with the clean and functional design of HiFiBerry OS so far, and will probably stick with it.


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