with DSP addon board - strang hiss/ringing sound


today i replaced my DAC+Pro with the new DAC2 HD incl. the DSP addon module - i'm using the latest HIFIBerry OS 20201101

The DAC2 HD works fine, sound quality is good, nothing to complain.

But i have no success with the DSP addon board. If it is installed (physically on the DAC board), i get bad sound quality. It's like there is always a high frequent hiss/ringing. I'd say somewhere around 10khz. Also the music itself sounds distorted, not clear.

I tested it with some test tones directly from a USB stick as well, so it's not the source or so. I have also played around and created some parametric EQs - they seem to have no effect, no matter how crazy i configure them. Pressing the little "ear" icon to turn filters off, also doesn't change the output.

Any ideas on what to check??

Thanks and greetings from Sweden, Ingo


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