DAC2 pro with Volumio: Works only with new flashed sd card, ALSA-Error after every reboot

Hi experts, i hope someone can help with the following problem:
I can install Volumio (2.834) on a raspi 2, tested also on raspi 3b.
DAC is Hifiberry DAC2 Pro, choosen as DAC Pro+ in the i2s dropdown-menu.
Everything works fine with a new flashed sd-card.
But if i only make one restart/reboot, i get an ALSA-Error everytime time i start to play music.
The only thing that helps to start Volumio work again is flashing the sd once more and start with this, new flashed sd.
Any idea?
Ist the Hifiberry DAC2 Pro the problem, because it´s not running 100% with the choosen DAC Pro+ driver?
Thanks for any idea or help !


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