No sound Pi4 + Beocreate

Hi, I just set up a CX100 with a Beocreate 4 v1.0.2 and a rpi4 (model B) powered by a 12v 4A supply. Initially i had some problems flashing the SD card with the rPi4 image on this link (https://www.hifiberry.com/hifiberryos). It was very unstable and i have had to reinstall a couple times. 

Now I used a brand new SD card, reformatted and flashed the sd with img (20201101) from github, and all is running well and stable but there is no sound. 

on the Beocreate I have two green lights, and a red light in the optical. 

I have read all the "NO SOUND" treads, but I don´t know where to start?

All the best, David


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