Overclocking rpi = lower latency?

Dear All,

I´ve tried Reaper on an RPI4, both with Digi+ connected to my Onkyo amps optical input and Digi+ I/O connected to another pi with the DSP card, handling the DAC part, finally outputting the signal to the Onkyos analog input.

In both cases, the latency is too noticeable when buffer in Reaper is set to 128. A buffer set to 64 is fine, but is also much more system intense. I´ve been chatting with a guy who uses the DAC card and an overclocked RPi. To him 128 is not causing latency issues, which of course may be due to his own personal latency detection not being as picky as mine.
But could it be due to his overclocked pi?
I´m asking because then I´d need to buy a good fan to do the same trick, but if the latency will remain the same even when overclocked, I´m not sure if I´ll go through the hassle..


Thanks in advance!



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