Best all-in-one DSP solution? DAC2Pro+AAmp60+DSP or Amp100+DSP or Beowulf?

I'm looking for an integrated amp/dac/dsp solution, and it seems there are several choices:

1. DAC2 Pro + DSP Board + AAmp60 = ~$150 USD
2. Amp100 + DSP Board = ~$160 USD
3. Beowulf Board = ~$189

With option #1 I get an aux port, with option #2 I get a more powerful amp but "beta" software support, and with option #3 I get an extra two speaker outputs. Also, with option #1, would I need to use a couple stacking headers if I want to put have both the DSP board and Aamp60 connected to the DAC2 Pro? Is this a correct characterization of m y current options? 



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