Boom Box

My brother was showing off a bluetooth speaker kit from parts-express, and I was critiquing it.  It had only bluetooth input, he wired in a USB port so his phone could charge using the internal battery, and tone controls were simple (bass, treble, fader, volume).  I asked about several things: line in - nope, music on memory stick - nope.  I suggested things I would do if I built one and he challenged me - so build one.

I had a pair of Bose 101 speakers that have been sitting in storage for over a decade.  I bought another pair that was blown (so I could build a matching control box).  I picked up a pair of Pyle subs and built a box, then a frame for the whole thing.

Beocreate + raspi 4 + touchscreen + Ryobi 40V battery + automotive 40v to 13.5v converter = 


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