Beocreate with pi3 no sound at all



first of all sorry for my english, it's not that good. I'm trying now for days to run my new beocreate amplifier and I think I read almost any posts i can find, but there is no sound playing.


beocreate, raspberry pi3, 16 gb sd-card, fidus power supply 19V, 4x random speaker


I would like to run it with hifiberryos, but I tried max2play as well with no achievment

There is no problem to flash the sd-card with the hifiberryos downloaded form the downlodpage of hifiberry (version for pi 3). Than I get access to the beocreate-page over the ip-adress. I selected for speaker preset: other speaker. In the advanced settings for dsp programm, beocreate universal (v10) is installed.

By connecting my Iphone via airplay to the beocreate, I can see that the selected titel is playing but there is no sound.

From the beginning there is no red light by the toslink out and no second green led on at the side of the board. Only for a few moments, when i reinstall the dsp programm.

At the moment there is just one speaker connected to one of the channels of the beocreate for testing

The mute jumper is removed of course

Please help I'm freaking out


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