AirPlay not longer working since update

Today I updated Hifiberry OS to 20201101. I can't stream my music anymore from my Mac (MacBook Air, Big Sur, 11.0.1 - 20B29) of iPhone 7 (iOs 14.2).

I restarted a few times, also "Power Off" and unplug (Raspberry Pi 3 and AMP) and re-plug.


To clarify: I see my Hifiberry and I can select it as output source, but then nothing happens. After a while the music stops playing (meaning the play-symbol changes to pause, but nothing played anyway).


And also: somehow the volume changes when I try to stream through AirPlay (that was always the case: when I switch from radio tot airplay, for a brief moment the volume increases on the radio, before switching to AirPay).

And I can see the song I try to play with AirPlay in the Hifiberry screen on my phone or on the website.


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