Hifiberry Dac2HD: Which software for a standalone player ?


I already use runeaudio since about 5 years on a raspberry pi based system and with a NAS on my main hifi system.

I just got my Dac2 HD board, and would like to build a new audio system, 

Requirements are: Stand alone player with an integrated 500GB SSD Disk plus a small 1.3" Oled display. Rather for the looks. Control via Browser and a the hifiberry remote control.But I am open to other ideas about displays.

I found several projects like this one: https://github.com/antiprism/mpd_oled

Now the question: 

What OS would you recommend ? I will connect to the dac with an ipad but also buy the small remote for volume control.

Hifiberry OS sounds good but I don't know if I can run/configue a display

Runeaudio: Know it well, works well


Ideas would be highly appreciated.


Thanks and best regards




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