DAC 2 HD volume issue

My DAC 2 HD arrived today and I installed it. It is on a RPi 4 with a touch screen and uses PiCorePlayer 6.1 OS.

It works but there is a volume problem -- at max volume when playing music, the sound volume in the room is just moderate. This player had been USB out into a DAC, which I was hoping to eliminate without a loss of quality. The USB/DAC achieves a moderate volume with the output setting at 65% to 75% and easily went louder than I wanted as it was turned up.

I have two other RPi players (3B+) with HiFiBerry cards. One has no screen and a DAC+Pro and uses the HFB OS, the other player has a screen and your standard DAC, using PiCorePlayer. When either one of these is placed in the system instead of the player with the DAC 2 HD, they play at volumes near identical to the USB/DAC.

I even moved the DAC 2 HD card to one off the other RPis and stll had the same volume issue. I've also tried various settings in Squeezelite with no improvement.

Is there a setting or installation issue I'm missing? I really don't want to buy a preamp just to fix this issue.


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