HiFi Berry OS [or interface] within Ubuntu Server or Desktop

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible or if anyone has tried the following. Having a HiFi-Berry in your network which can also act as a mini-server.

Is there HiFi-berry software for an RPI desktop or server environment? or am I forced to dedicate an entire RPI exclusively to HiFi-Berry OS? I feel as though this wastes a lot of hardware resources, which I could be putting to good use when I am not listening to music etc.


However, I don't exactly have a proper strategy of how I would want to make it work. I just want to know if anyone has found a way to sorta "have it all" simultaneously.


For example, an ubuntu server on RPI with a light desktop environment, then docker on top and HIFI berry software with some NAS Server software along with it.


IDK, I could not find a "Terminal/CLI" within Hifi-Berry OS. Maybe it is possible to use HiFi Berry OS as a base and then put docker on top, as a server environment?


I just feel like my device could be doing much more than just playing audio...


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