HiFi Berry OS Radio source disabled after every reboot


First of all many thanks to creators for hard work and making HiFi Berry Os a better platform every day.

Regarding my issue, it is related with Radio Source. Every time I boot up the system, Radio source is shown as disabled.

Same time Mpd is not "thicked". I have to double click on the radio to activate this source. Then radio is playing (and MPD shown as thicked).

same result I can obtain by SSH coommand related to restart mount-data and MPD

systemctl restart mount-data
systemctl restart mpd

However after reboot it is again disabled.

I am using latest (updated) release, 64gb sd card (98% free).

It looks like something related with data write acces or wrong mounting.

The goal is to set the radio to default source that will start play automatically after boot up the system.

Many thanks in advance for any tips.



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