Audiocontrol2 with rotarycontroller: no volume control, ignoring rotary control

I've managed to get Audiocontrol2.py running on Raspberry OS lite with sole purpose of controlling audio volume with a rotary encoder/controller (KY040).

Followed these instructions: https://github.com/hifiberry/audiocontrol2/blob/master/doc/rotary-controller-plugin.md

But I think I am missing something.

When I run Audiocontrol2.py it will run (constantly posting INFO:root:players: ['spotify'], not sure if that is by design). But when I turn the rotary controller it will show: INFO:root:no volume control, ignoring rotary control

Reading this part of the guide: We added some check if a player or volume control object is available. In some cases (e.g. no alsa volume control configured, these object might be None and we don't want the plugin to crash these cases.

Do I need to configure a volume control in ac2/plugins/controller.py?

It now states:

self.volumecontrol = None

self.playercontrol = None


I'm using it with a Hifiberry AMP2. So I need to control the digital volume slider if I'm not mistaken. Do I need to set self.volumecontrol to amixer digital or something?

Could someone point me in the right direction for this? The documentation does not provide any examples, which would be great.


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