How to connect Bluetooth board (CSR8675) to DAC+ via GPIO


I'd like to let my RPi 3B+ for my childs to play RetroPie, then I try to utilize the DAC+ (Standard version) by connecting a Bluetooth board (PA213, chip CSR8675). That board has I2S output like BCLK, LRCLK and DATA, and the +5V DC input as well

I see the I2S interface of RPi presents through pin #12 (BCLK), #35 (LRCLK) and #40 (DATA). Of course, +5V DC can be supplied via pin #4 and #6 (GND).

So, by providing +5V DC to DAC+ then link relevant pins from DAC+ to Bluetooth board, can I complete this DIY? Any extra setting I have to conduct more?

Appreciate your help



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